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Founded in 2015

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We always aim to understand our clients wants and needs

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Our Start

Cardero Clothing was created by Derek Burbidge soon after he rented a suit/tuxedo for his wedding day. The outfit was 100% polyester and came in three days before the wedding where it fit loose in most areas. After having to return his suit by 10am the next day, Derek and his wife Danielle travelled to Thailand for their honeymoon.

​That is where he had two suits, three dress shirts and a top coat made to his measurements. A strong desire grew to not let other Grooms and Business Professionals make the same mistakes he made.
Since then Cardero Clothing has created outfits for clients around the world.

In 2015, Derek and his wife Danielle traveled to Europe. Derek brought back the fashion forward style of Western Europe to his clients. The slimmer lines, proper fit and timeless styles are something he believes can translate to North American culture. Whether it is in the business world, for your wedding or simply for a night out.


Cardero Clothing helps you build an effortless wardrobe so you don't need to stress over what to wear. 

Cardero Clothing was created in 2015 and is named after the restaurant in Vancouver our owner Derek and his wife Danielle went on their first date.



To help you make a lasting impression, whether that is in a client meeting, at your wedding or on a first date.



Cardero Clothing goes to bat for you to make sure you are satisfied with a quality product you can wear for many years to come.



Done are the days of buying what the retailer is selling you, it's time to buy what you love, what fits your body & your style. We have thousands of fabrics and options we walk you through to make sure you have a one of a kind garment you are proud to wear.



If you are in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley please book an appointment with us to meet with our travelling tailor at our Abbotsford or Langley location. We will measure you and have your very own custom fit clothing to you in 4-6 weeks.


I am extremely pleased with the suit that I purchased from Cardero Clothing...the suit fit wonderfully, requiring no additional changes. I was astonished at how comfortable the suit was! The pants, shirt and vest were quite comfortable..Overall my fiancée and I agreed the suit was of excellent quality and value, I will definitely shop at Cardero Clothing again!
- Nicodemus H.


Learn how to dress for your profession and body shape. Also, learn quick style tips and get access to new products.

Thank you!